Monday, March 26, 2012

A Good Week

Hey there!
So this week was a really good week. Actually it was pretty sweet. I actually started out the week with strep throat. Who cares though right? We tried to do everything in our power to continue working, and our efforts paid off. We had a very successful week actually.

Just so you know, Ruben did get confirmed yesterday, which was nice. When he had gone back to his house to change, he sat down on the couch and ended up falling asleep, hence why he never returned to get confirmed. He apologized because he felt bad, but we told him not to worry. So he was confirmed.

During the week, like I said, I had strep throat. No worries. The doctor told me what to take. I was taking it. BUT, I was super drained. We still worked hard though. That's when we received a referral from our neighbors (who are members). The daughter has a boyfriend that was really interested in listening to us. Our first lesson was really cool and we felt the spirit really strong. We told him the spirit was there, and then we asked him to get baptized. He of course accepted and will be getting baptized in between conference sessions hopefully this Sunday. Every time we go over there, we are able to feel the spirit quite strongly with him. He will make a good member.

Saturday we ate with Iván. It was his birthday that day, so there was cake and everything. It was pretty stinkin' funny, because as you know, tradition here is to shove the birthday boy´s/girl´s face in the cake jaja. So they had me do it :P. It was pretty funny, and a tradition that I think that I will start in my own family jaja!

Anyways, that was my week. BTW, this is my third to last transfer. We just had changes.

Pictures are of us with Iván.


Elder Scott Donner

I definitely felt the earthquake jaja.
I was using the bathroom and at first thought the neighbors below were playing with the piping or something, because the toilet was moving jajajaja!!!!!!! THEN I GOT SCARED WHEN I REALIZED IT WASN'T. We ended up losing communications by way of phone and Internet and everything for 6 hours jaja. Pretty cool experience for me.

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