Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Gotta Love the Hail

Hey persons of the world to the North,

Well, this week went by super fast for me. We are set up to have a baptism this next Saturday. We have also seen many blessings of working hard pay off. We have gotten even more references this past week. I am extremely excited to visit them, even if they aren't good referrals. Just because it will help us to do something besides knocking doors jaja!

I am really enjoying the mission in this moment. I love my companion. He is such a great guy and we laugh so much together. He laughs like an old man, and that gets me going jaja! He wheezes jaja!!!! I am really glad though that I get to be his companion. He still has the
whole greeny stubbornness, but its slowly going away jaja!

Something really cool for us last week, we had the opportunity to help a family change houses. I have been KILLING to do service like that for a long time! It was funny because they depended on my help alot. We have a lot of youth that are pretty tall and pretty strong, but it was pretty sad
watching them try to lift some stuff jaja! They were really grateful for our help, but we had to leave before they finished.

Anyways, I have a couple of pictures and a video this week :)

First is obviously of me. I was NOT impressed by the hail. ESPECIALLY before rainy season.

Second is me and my companion. We played ping pong last Monday in the institute building :)

Third, I spelled my name when we went to eat with Iván :P

That's all for this week really. I will update you next Monday about the
success :P
Elder Scott Donner

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