Thursday, March 1, 2012

Better Days...?

Hullo Everbuddy!
Well, this week was definitely a better week. We have been working just
to get into peoples houses lately. Honestly though, through our
searching, we didn't really find anyone very interested. But, through our
hard work, we have received a really nice reference from a family in the
ward. They are a family that we have never met. There are five
people in the family. Apparently they contacted the family from the ward
and asked why the missionaries never passed by their house.
Anyways, I think I am about to start knocking this area for the 3rd time.
I don't mind it so much now. I think its funny how many people remember
me. I figure that eventually they are gonna get so sick of me knocking
their door that they will just let me in jaja! Also, probably only 20% of
the houses we knock are actually there. This is me trying to be positive
jaja! Is it noticeable??? :P
So once again, not very many pictures we taken this week :S I really only took
one picture. I kinda wanted you guys to experience a little bit of what
goes on with some of the religions here. The picture I am sending is of a
"burnt offering". I will explain with what I was told, and bare
with me. This is an offering that the people who worship the Santa Muerte
(Holy Death in English). I really find it interesting what they say they
believe. Apparently they make offerings by burning live animals, so they
can experience the blessing of the Santa Muerte bringing a living creature on
to the next life. They believe that we can't make it on our own, so we
need the help of the Santa Muerte to take us over. This was very
disturbing to see in the morning when we were passing by. Obviously it is
illegal here as well, but they get away with it.
The other foto is of me in the internet right now jaja :P
Anyways, I hope to have more stories for you next week.
Elder Scott Donner

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