Monday, March 7, 2011

New Companion!

Hola Familia,

Still don't have a camera, so I´m going to hold off on sending any pictures still. Sorry about that. Today is my first day of a brand new transfer and I do not have Elder Tadeo as my companion. Now I have Elder Moss as a companion! I´m actually super stoked because he was is my Zone in the MTC.

This last week really stunk because I didn´t do anything. President told me that at the point that my companion was at, I was just a babysitter til the end of the transfer. I got sick too with a fever of 103. It was just super interesting. I decided that the mission goes by much faster when you are working, instead of sitting in the house all day and doing nothing.

I finally had a talk with the ward missionaries in our ward and we finally have a plan to get the members up and helping they missionaries again. They agreed that the ward doesnt even really act like a ward. They act like a bunch of neighbors awkwardly gathered together for a boring meeting. They told us that truthfully it has been like that for the past 10 months. I thought it was kind of sad, so I´m going to be working hard to try and change that. Something else interesting, they are now making a Mexico City Southeast mission, so my zone is going to be changed, and will not be a part of the mission anymore. If I´m still here in two transferrs, I will be a part of the new misson jaja!

To answer some questions, first starting with clothes. My clothes are actually doing fine. The funny thing is that now my pants are too big for me, as are my belts that I have. The problem is that they dont sell pants my length, and there are no tailors who make clothing. We wash our clothes every week with some other elders at their house, because they have a washer.

For breakfast, I usually eat cookies and milk. How funny is that, but that is what I crave in the mornings, and I´m not gaining any weight from doing it. In fact I am still losing alot of weight.

The whole deal with the young women thing.... Lets not talk about it jaja. Now its more annoying than it is funny. There is a member girl Daniela, whose mom always has us over for dinner. She definately has trouble not touching me. We have talked to her about it, so it just funny to see how much she is stuggling not to. I usually have problems with girls stopping me on the street too, just to talk to me jaja!

I did finally receive the white envelope, but am still waiting for the package to arrive. It should arrive sometime this month actually

I know this email has been really short, but I will be writing more next week.

Elder Scott Donner

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