Monday, March 28, 2011


Hola Familia!

This week was awesome I have to say. It has been a huge testimony builder! So we baptized 4 this week. Our ward hasn't seen a baptism from the missionaries in over a year! Ridiculous right? We did our baptism right after church, so over 50 people showed up which was awesome!

We also had 3 other investigators that came to the baptism! Seriously this was the most spiritually baptism we have ever been too! I loved it. The people we baptized are Brigite, Blanca, Daira, and Naomi. It was freaking legit! After the baptism, Brigite let me know that out of all the missionaries, I was the one who was able to change her. She had been receiving the missionaries for 8 years. That is a testimony builder to me that we really do have specific people the Lord has prepared for us that only one person can change. Blanca told us that she had been doing things bad and didn't want to continue with the christian church she was going to because it wasn't helping. She asked for him to send him guidance. The next day, we knocked on her door. Another testimony builder that the Lord answers prayers and he really prepares people for us when we are working hard!

About the skinny investigator I was talking about... We decided that she wasn't the best person to go back to. We didn't have the best feeling about going back there.

Me and Elder Moss get along great. In fact, our zone leaders (one of which happens to be Elder Pope) went to their zone leader meeting with the President. He asked which missionaries were working the hardest to fill their teaching pool, and right away they mentioned me and Elder Moss. President called us the next day to ask us what it was that made us work so hard. We told him it was because we like each other and so we like working together because we get along together awesome! Its pretty awesome, so I hope he leaves us together at least one more transfer.

Elder Moss comes from Washington and went to BYU before the mission. A lot of people call him superman because he looks exactly like superman from the old Superman movies. Its funny because his girlfriend, who also goes to BYU, is named Lauren. Lauren happens to be best friends with Mary Clair Hettinger, Phoenix North Stakes Stake President. Quite funny. He said he is going to tell Lauren to have Mary Clair write me jaja!

My actual area is called Tlatelolco. The streets around it are Reforma, Manuel Gonzalez, Flores Magon.

Unfortunately I cannot use the shoes you sent because they are just too small. I actually pulled the money from my account today and went and bought some shoes after I finally found some that worked.

I'm doin really well healthwise. I actually hurt my shoulder two weeks ago playing basketball. I won't tell President though because we just got the privilege to play again in the mission jaja! But really its fine.

The M&Ms are great. I still have 3 bags because I'm trying to conserve them. I do share them with my comp.

Also, YES I LOVE THE TIE! I'm wearing it now actually.

Pictures: 1st everyone we baptised :) Left to right is Brigite, Daira, Naomi, and Blanca :)

2nd Brigite wanted to take a Facebook photo, so we did :D She actually told me I had to print out and give her copies jaja!

That's all for now :)

I talk like a chilango now. Its great jaja!

Love ya all!

Elder Scott Donner

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