Monday, March 21, 2011

Super Stoked!

Hola Familia!

I have a lot to tell you about this week! This week has been up and down, but overall it has paid off! I am so excited for this upcoming week. First to start at the beginning, we worked our buts off this whole week! Me and Elder Moss have left the house every day at 9:30 to work! We have so many investigators now that its ridiculous! We literally almost cannot keep up with all of them now! We have a minimum of 5 baptisms we are going to have this weekend and a maximum of 8! I am so excited!

Anyways, first story. This one is really funny. So we were knocking doors in Tepito to try and find new investigators on Tuesday. We had knocked a whole building, but got to the top floor and knocked the last door. This guy answered the door, who clearly was not "all there" in his head, but he let us in, because he was interested in our message. So we were asking him who he lived with and he told us it was only him and his mom that lived there. So he got up and went to get his mom. When she came in, I swear she had been so malnourished, I´m not sure how her neck supported her head... SHE WAS SKINNY! Not only that, she must have crossed the Red Sea with Moses. She was super OLD! But she had lots of energy for her age! So she came to greet us, and we tried to tell her, but she greeted us with a kiss (NOOOOO!). So we tried to start teaching, but this old lady, who was sitting next to me, grabbed my hand and said how she loved my hands. Then she proceeded to rub my arms. I was trying to ignore it because clearly these 2 were not completely in their heads... but my comp couldn´t ignore it. He was teaching and started to snicker, so he passed the lesson off to me, right at the first vision. Then he starts to lose it. The whole time this lady was rubbing my arm. They still want us to come back next Tuesday jaja!

Ok. I RECEIVED 4 PACKAGES THIS WEEK! One from aunt Teddy with a calender of the family, 2 from you with the shoes and music :) and one from some completely random people from Las Vegas who found my blog researching our mission for their friend jaja! I was soooo stoked but now I have too much candy! jaja!

Pictures are all from the temple this week! We went there yesterday!

Anyways, I love you all!

Elder Scott Donner

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