Monday, March 14, 2011

Just a Spoonful of Sugar...

Hola Hola!

Ok, I have to start off telling you, this week was not what I thought it would be. In other words, I became EXTREMELY sick this week. How sad is that? It was really irritating to the point where I didn´t have the energy to even lift my head off the pillow. I had tried going out at the beginning of the week when I had first gotten sick, but I couldn´t stay out long, and we ended up having to take a taxi back to the house. We got the number for the doctor and he told me that I had to take 2 different medicines. One was a medicine for the flu, and the other was a type of penicillin. He also asked me if I had been trying to go out and work. When I told him ya, he told me not to, that I needed to stay in the house and avoid walking as much as possible. How annoying is that.... so I had pretty much just been laying in bed the whole week. So Tuesday and Wednesday morning, and Saturday I was able to work. But I can say the Lord definitely blesses those who push themselves to the limit to share the gospel.

We have to people (FINALLY) on date for baptism. We have a lot of potentials who we are going to visit this week. Our goal we set to baptize for the rest of this month is 8. I know we can make it, because I finally have someone who wants to work.

Answering questions, I didn´t get my package but I´m expecting to get it today, so I will let you know next week :)

I haven´t received any letters, but today is the day we will see if I have some.

I have my camera, so I will send pictures today :D

The best part of last week was finding so many new and solid people.

The worst part was being super sick jaja!

We get the Liahona in English and in Spanish as soon as they arrive in the offices.

I will be watching conference in the stake center.

Photos, finally :)

First is my very special friend :) She has Downs. Her name is Vanessa.

Second is our zone before the change :)

More to come in a sec :)

Love you all!

Elder Scott Donner

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