Monday, June 11, 2012

Mexico's Got Talent!

Hey there everyone!

This last week was a super crazy week for us! Let me start from the beginning...

Tuesday we woke up and went to the stake center because we were going to have a mission talent show on Thursday, so we were going to be practicing our talent. The talent was us singing the "Come Thou Fount" arrangement we had sung before in church, but with the words to O Mi Padre (#187 in the Spanish hymnbook). So for the next 2 mornings we did that. At the same time we prepared for the zone baptism. Elder Pike and I were going to be bringing 2 families, so we had to make sure they knew and everything.

Thursday was the mission Talent show all morning and then the zone baptism at night. I was able to video tape most of the talents of the zones, but I don’t think you guys would understand the humor behind it jaja! So we were there until 2:00 and then we had to run back to our area to get ready for the zone baptism. We were stressing, and they had asked my companion and I to prepare a special musical number for the baptism. So we ran for the investigators then ran back to the stake center (we were late) just in time to sing our musical number, which President loved. That finished up and then we ran around some more.

The next 2 days we spent doing interviews for baptism because everyone needed them and was baptizing. So we are pretty much dead today jaja!

And I washed my camera in the wash machine :S But don’t worry, it’s getting fixed by a member who works downtown.

Love ya guys!
Elder Scott Donner

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