Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Interesting Week...(June 16th Email)

Hey guys,

So this week has been an interesting one because my companion got super sick from some food he ate.  In other words, it’s been fun :P

We have been working with the same family basically all week and at the same time doing a ton of baptismal interviews!  Our zone is super close to breaking the record for the mission and we are pushing to it!

A lot of my week has been spent helping motivate the other missionaries and running to interviews.  It has been an exciting week for us.  We have been working hard as well to find new investigators so we can start the month out strong.  We have a fun meeting tonight just to purely keep the zone motivated and keep us working hard.  I am going to use the happy rings that were sent to me to also give to the zone so they stay happy and working hard.

I was planning on going to see the pyramids today, but all trips to anywhere but inside your zone has been canceled for right now.  I don’t have a lot of info on why, and I was kinda bummed because I was planning to go with quite a few people from my generation.

Anyways, the picture are "chicharron" or fried pig skin.  They eat it like potato chips here.


Elder Scott Donner

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