Monday, November 29, 2010


This was written on Wednesday November 24th.

I was gonna ask Sis Smith to let you know that we are emailing at this time because the place we email will be closed tomorrow for thanksgiving! Anyways, this week has been awesome. I am going to send as many pictures as I can, multiple emails if that is what I have to do. So guess what... there was a huge blizzard last night! We definately worked in it too. We had appointments to keep, so we walked through the blizzard to get to them. It actually wasn't that bad, but today its a whoppin 11 degrees outside haha! I'm so grateful I decided to buy that huge jacket from Mr Mac's. The baptisms were awesome last week! SO MANY PEOPLE SHOWED UP! Claudia and her son Kevin were baptized. So neat! Kevin was really shy and didn't want anyone to see him in the baptismal clothing. We had tons of investigators there too! We had our investigators that are getting baptized this weekend that were there. The work keeps moving on too. Carmen's cousin, Jessica, has been freaking out about the snow, and constantly calls to check up on us. She texted us as soon as she heard about the blizzard that was coming, and told us to stay inside. Imagine her shock when we go knocking on her door to ask if she could give us a ride home. Apparently it was pretty bad out there, but the Lord definately blessed us for being out there.

We received a referal this last Sunday for a part-member family. They just moved here and the husband is still active in church and brings his wife every week to church. COOL! So we ended up calling them and setting up our appointment with them for last night. Last night was the blizzard.... so funny! So we walked all the way across our area to get to their house in the blizzard. We got there 20 minutes late, but when we knocked on the door and Sarah (the wife) answered, she could not believe that we had come all this way. Of course she invited us in, and her husband came out out of the back room and kept saying," I knew you would still come! I knew the snow wouldn't stop you!" After our first meeting with Sarah, she is set up to baptized on the 18th of December!

Another investigator that we have been working with for a while, Yasmin, accepted baptism last night for the 11th of December. It was a real testimony builder for her to see that she was so important to God that her messengers would walk through a blizzard to still come and meet with her.

So I got chastised by our investigators that our getting baptized this weekend. They felt like I didn't like them, because whenever I talked, it was about the gospel. Any other time they were talking with us about other things, I was silent. They didn't know I was silent because I don't understand their accent (I still have a hard time understanding alot of the time). Maribel looks straight at me and says, "No entiendas que estamos diciendo o no le gustamos?" Basically, she wanted to know if I hated them or I just didn't understand them. I explained to them that I have a hard time understanding and she turns around and tells me that I need to ask them if I didn't understand something. SLAP TO THE FACE! They are in their early 20's, so we are really good friends with them. I figure thats why they would get so offended when I didn't talk.

Anyways, the first picture that I attached is of Claudia and Kevin's baptism.

Second is us in the blizzard last night :D

I will send more pictures in other emails.

I love you all!

Elder Scott Donner

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