Thursday, November 11, 2010

1st Baptism

Hola Familia!!!
I am so sorry that I didn't really even send really an email last week. There were so many problems with last week and everything was working against me! But I have time to write and send pictures this week :D (Unfortunately the pictures didn't transfer)
Everything is going super good!!! I'm in my second transfer now because transfers are today haha. Our entire district stayed the same, which is good. I definately love everybody in the district and am glad to still see them here. Plus I like our investigators and still want to teach them jaja!!!!
Anyways, guess what.... Carmen asked me to baptize her so I got to baptize her!!!! My first baptism yeya!!!! It was a really neat experience and she was super excited to be baptized. She was a little sad afterwards because she realized she wasn't going to see us as much anymore, so it's been funny because she has been making every excuse to see us now jaja!!! She tried to hug me at the baptism too and her aunt had to tell her that you can't hug missionaries jaja!!!!
Ana and Eric, who we baptised on the 23, are doing good and are super excited. Eric is receiving the priesthood, and he is shining more brightly than anyone jaja. We were teaching Benjamin's wife, Lucila, and had a baptismal date for this saturday. She knew she needed to be baptized but she was raised in a christian church. Unfortunately she decided to get baptized in the christian church this past Sunday. She started crying when we told her we wouldn't be coming over to teach her anymore. We still will check up on her but not as often. I still believe she will get baptized, but it will take alot longer than we thought it would.
Sleeping hasn't been a problem lately, which is good because we are super busy teaching a bunch of people. A lady that we had been trying to contact for the past while was never home and never returned our phone calls, so we dropped her. Just this past sunday, though, she showed up at church and so we started teaching her this week. So many times have I seen the blessings from the Lord when we as missionaries are doing what we are supposed to! It is amazing how the Lord blesses us in so many different ways.
I haven't heard anything on my visa, but I'm ok for now :P

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