Wednesday, July 18, 2012


These last couple of weeks have been a bit surreal and unfortunately writing emails was not high on the list of priorities for Elder Scott Donner.  This last communication seemed to be an impromptu question and answer session...

Mom - I'm sure there is a very logical explanation as to why you did not email us yesterday, but I sure wish there was a way for you to let us know why.  My mind goes into a million different directions when we don't get an email from you.

Scott - I'm writing today because yesterday I didn't have time because I was visiting some converts.

Mom - Whew...I am so relieved!

Scott - Breath mommy... breath :)

Mom - Lol...I'm trying...I think I've inherited your

Scott - Just have one of the girls punch you in the face.  It's worked miracles for me jaja!

Mom - LOL...I think I'll pass on that one.

Scott - I only have one layover.  It's in Dallas.  (It will be a 5 hour layover)

Mom - That is a long layover.  Are any other Elders going to be waiting with you?

Scott - Everyone else will be in Dallas with me but they only have 1 hour layovers.

Mom - When do you go to the mission home this week?

Scott - I go this Sunday at 5.

Mom - can always call us if you would like...we still have money left on that calling card.

Scott - I will probably call you guys, don't worry.

This is the last email from Elder Scott Donner.

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