Wednesday, October 6, 2010

All Is Well

Hiya Familia!

Wow this past week has just flown by. Thanks to the members here, I think I'm getting pretty fat! :( We go to Costco for lunch pretty much everyday, but we never get to pay because someone always approaches us and offers to buy us lunch jaja! Now it's kind of a game to see if we can buy lunch before someone else does for us. Also the members feed us a ton for dinner. This week we are eating with the members of our branch. It's slightly horrible because whenever we finish a plate, they don't even ask, they just fill it right back up with food. I swear it's a competition to see which member can make their set of missionaries gain more weight. Thank goodness I'll be going to Mexico eventually. I think I'll just drink some water and get my parasite early so I'm not dying from constantly being full jajajajaja!!! JK JK!
Anyways it's been super crazy this week!
We have 2 bodismos ( bola and bautismo :P ) coming up on the 23rd of this month. 4 people will be getting baptized that day, and then we are putting a family on date for the 30th, which is the weekend after! WOWOWOW!!!!! Our hard work definately pays off, because we get to watch our investigators progress, which is a beautiful thing getting to see them obtain their own personal testimony. We have one investigator, Ana, who said the life has gotten so much harder ever since she's been talking with us and has set up to be baptized. She then proceeded to tell us that she knows that means the church is true, otherwise Satan wouldn't be working on her so hard. She is such a strong investigator, along with her boyfriend, Eric. They are one of the couples set up for a bodismo on the 23rd. They are so excited for it, and I am so excited to see it and be apart of helping them!
The mission is definately so rewarding!
Elder Tory is constantly working on me with my spanish, and I am slowly starting to gain the confidence to talk more when I'm with the investigators, or any latinos for that matter. At times Elder Tory can be a pain because he gets really irritated, or won't let me or Elder Duarte say anything in a lesson, but we've figured out ways to be able to deal with him jaja!!!
I went to my first live temple session this morning. It is definately a different and much LONGER experience, but is more spiritual in a way. I heard that eventually, if I'm still here, we will have the opportunity to clean the Salt Lake Temple! How cool is that! So we will get to see the entire temple!
I loved General Conference! It was so cool when, I believe it was Elder Oaks, asked all the missionaries to stand up. I thought, ' Wow... I'm a missionary....' jajaja!!!!
The kids absolutely loved us at the temple square. Any time they saw us they would scream at the parents, "IT'S THE MISSIONARIES MOM!!!" We find that all the children just love the missionaries, but I can remember being little and thinking how cool the missionaries were.
I can't believe Elder Wesche is home too now! It would be cool if I saw him somewhere.
I love reading the emails you send. I also received the envelope with all the stories in them. I laughed so hard when I got to Chelsie's blog, so I think you should definately keep sending those when and if you can. I'm also excited to see what some of my ties are!!! I really don't feel like I'm turning 20 this Friday jaja!!! I think by the end of my mission, I'll still be telling people I'm 19 jaja!!! Anyways.... I will keep trying to update you with anything you want to know. Be sure to put an * before your questions.

I love you all!

Elder Scott Donner

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